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Check out our options for on-site solutions! 

Please contact us for live-load options or special requests. 

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Rolloff containers are our most commonly requested containers. Rolloff containers are best fit for many types of scrap like fencing, roof, shingles, bigger pieces of metal, and for other renovations.  These are made of welded steel with an open top for easy, on-location loading of your materials. It's your large capacity makes it ideal for a cleanup, remodel, renovation, or demolition.  Push has a variety of sized containers available for your project needs. 

Container Sizes Available: 

Mini Roll-offs:

  • 10 yd.

  • 20 yd.

Regular Roll-offs

  • 20 yd.

  • 30 yd.

Rolloff Container
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Lugger Container

Lugger containers work best for heavy loads of rock or scrap metal. Typically, due to that flat bottom of the container and their v-shape allows for the materials being dumped to be evenly distributed at any angle or surface they're being set on.  The lugger containers can be found any manufacturer, business, clean, home demolition, etc. 

Container Sizes Available: 

  • 6 yd. 

  • 8 yd. 

  • 12 yd. 

  • 16 yd. 

Tip Cart Container

The Tip Cart Containers are Push's newest addition!


The 60 gallon tip carts work best for electricians or plumbing companies who have non-ferrous materials that would not be ideal to store outside.  These containers are smaller and more maneuverable than our other container and tub options, making them ideal for small and everyday projects/jobs.  They also take up less space, have the ability to lock whenever you're done and best of all, Push can come to you!

Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord boxes work very well for on-site sorting.  These boxes are a fantastic way to utilize traveling space but also commonly used in the scrap and recycling industries.  Gaylord boxes are generated from bio-degradable fabric which makes them durable for usage, reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly! 

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