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Your Locally Owned Iowa Scrap Yard

Located in Waterloo, Kellogg, and Britt, Iowa, Push is a locally owned and operated metal recycling facility. Our facilities have been serving the Cedar Valley, and beyond, for over 80 years! With our experience in ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling and our contacts in the industry, we ensure you the highest returns for your recycled metal.

At Push, we aim to drive a positive environmental impact by transforming the scrap metal recycling industry.  Through cutting-edge practices, advanced technologies, and a dedicated team, we provide efficient, reliable, and seamless solutions for our customers. Our vision is to contribute to a cleaner planet and build partnerships while being the ultimate answer for comprehensive scrap metal recycling and unequaled service. Together, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible and forging a path towards a more sustainable future.

Discover The Difference with Push!

Push is devoted to providing the best scrap recycling solutions for you and your company. Whether it be at your facility, or on the job site, we will work with you to make the scrap recycling process as efficient as we can so you can focus on your work. Contact us today and see why so many people think of Push first when it comes to complete scrap recycling services and solutions!

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Push has a variety of equipment to handle both commercial and residential services, whether it's picked up or delivered!



  • Gondolas

  • Dumps

  • Drop decks 

  • Flatbeds 

  • Low-boy trailers 

  • Van trailers 


Who We Service

  • Machine Shops

  • Engineering Firms

  • Manufacturers

  • Tool and Die Companies

  • Demolition Contractors

  • Construction Sites

  • Auto Recyclers

  • Scrap yards 

  • The Public

  • Many other industries!


Acceptable/ Unacceptable Materials

We are your trusted local scrap metal recycling facility! Click the link below to discover our comprehensive list of acceptable and unacceptable materials at all Push Iron & Metals locations. We're dedicated to providing efficient and sustainable recycling solutions for our communities!

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